Online Backup Pricing

Home Users:

Setup Fee: $30 (one off fee)
Monthly charge per PC : $5
Monthly Cost per GB : $1


Business Users:

Setup Fee : $50 (one off fee)
Monthly charge per PC : $5
Monthly charge per server : $10
Monthly cost per GB : $1


Above prices include daily monitoring of backups by Scotia Systems to ensure your daily backups are running smoothly

(Pricing Does Not Include HST)

Mozy Pro
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It's Never Been So Easy!

Mozy Online Backup


Hassle free, secure and reliable

  When it comes to the data on your PC what would happen if the worst happened and you lost it? For home users - photos, videos are memories which could be lost forever. For businesses, invoices, purchase orders, customer contact information, etc are all critical to the day to day running of your operation.

You may have looked at backups before, but have been put off by the complexity of tape drives. external disks, rotations etc.

MozyPro from Decho (formally EMC) changes everything. Your backups are performed in the background to a secure encrypted datacenter and are managed by Scotia Systems so you don't have to worry about ensuring smooth operation.

For as little as $6 (CAD + HST) per month

You can relax - with peace of mind, knowing that your PC is being backed up.

For advanced business users, MozyPro can also protect your Exchange and SQL servers,.

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